WE versus ME

Subbu Iyer
6 min readAug 4, 2022


Photo by Sikandar Ali on Unsplash; We need to weave a new identity as a country

Aspiration versus Ambition

Ambition is an insular statement that emerges from the context of ME whereas Aspiration is a statement that emerges from the collective good of the WE.

The incumbent and emerging middle class of South Asia has grown on a diet of assuring economic stability in their lives. Innovation has conventionally been discouraged as “Risky” and growth has usually meant one’s own survival against all odds; with no thinking of how one can thrive contributing to a higher Quality of Life. Individual belief in destiny have manifested as control of power; by the Wealthy with the Industries they create, the Government they fund and the Polity they choose to promote that sets the pace of society. Digital replaces the conventionally understood Destiny with Data; provisioning access to Opportunities Unlimited even at an individual level; at least in theory. This theory needs to be leveraged into reality, like all science, furthering hypothesis to Thesis with measurable implementation that moves the needle of growth; one that improves the Quality of Life.

For any society to grow, well governed processes that fuse Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure with Cognitive Intelligence is an ecosystem is an absolute must.

Ambition of a few has driven our societies to be operated by a Financial Ecosystem. With Economic Value being paramount to the exclusion of the other four dimensions of value including Functional, Emotional, Lifetime and Brand. Our circumstances on the planet demand that we see Value inclusively across the five dimensions and renew our Structures, Synergies and Systems that operate on the ground to deliver such New Value. That would be the premise for Transformation that disrupts the status quo and impacts in creating a higher Quality of Life.

Illustration 1: The essence of the “Future” is the ability to create a New Value that is relevant to Life

Aspiration isn’t something esoteric. It is an honest expression of an Individual or an Enterprise’s Potential that relates to the Purpose or Mission they carry as a Passion. And this can be accomplished through a disciplined Pursuit of Excellence driven by data.

Freedom versus Fiefdom

We believe our world to be free but our Institutions whether they be government, enterprises or societies still operate on Command and Control despite the pretension of democracy. These institutions will not surrender their advantages that they have gained over a large period of time. It is not in their interests of the few powerful to divest their holdings. It is up to individuals to seize this opportunity to Involve, Immerse and Participate.

It is about time that we employed the power of data for transformation rather than just transactions. Freedom is the freeing individuals from the limitations of their current beliefs and transactions; enabling them the opportunity to Create the New.

Illustration 2: Need Systems that fuse Cognitive Intelligence into Life Processes with renewed governance

Any process employs five elements to operate including Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure with a Governance that responds to the Structure, Risk, Compliance, Standards, Regulations, Principles and Policies. Digital Technology affords the opportunity to not only automate these processes with Artificial Intelligence but also orchestrate with Cognitive Intelligence powered by Machine Learning. Giggr — The Future of Work Platform is a unique example (https://giggr.app).

Data Autonomy is not something that someone is waiting to offer. It is an opportunity to grab for every individual on this planet and Create Data that can be Owned and Distributed in a Trustful Ecosystem for one’s own growth.

Communities are the Canvas

Illustration 3: A Model for a Human Capital driven Sustainable Ecosystem

We cannot paint the picture of the future on the existing canvas of Marketplaces and eCommerce. The new canvas will have to be a Digital one, where the first significant difference is Direct Commerce. Humans drive that commerce playing different roles across a Customer Ecosystem in the Industries and Life Stations they participate every minute of their life; from birth until death. Driven by a system that computes across:

  1. Creating and Connecting their data to a global ecosystem.
  2. Curating Connections to the Personalization and Preferentiation of each Consumer. This creates the Communities of Interest (COI).
  3. Contextualizing the Curated Connections further to the Preferences of each Consumer. This creates the Communities of Practice (COP).
  4. Collaborating Communities of Practice (COP) that thrive on Creating & Transporting Intellectual Property (IP) through Shared Spaces for an Innovation driven Growth.
  5. Measuring Value generated through such Shared Engagement & Experiences for Individual, Enterprise and Societal Blockchain.

If we want a sustainable planet, we must stop waiting for someone to make it happen. Each one of us has the responsibility to put ourselves through the discipline of subscribing to the above process described. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals can become the Frame Of Reference (F.O.R.) that drives both the Opportunities and Outcomes for each one of us; no matter where we live on this planet and whatever our Life Purpose.

Infusing a New Life

During this fortnight of Independence Day celebrations in India, the Prime Minister has called for the Citizens of India to carry the national flag as their Display Picture (DP) on their Social Media handles. This is a very shrewd move to find out who the true unquestioned voters are for the political regime. But can this also contribute in any way to finding out who are those who need to be won over?

In this extremely divisive and polarized world we live in, can we create a polity for not just electoral but actually growth driven ideologies to prosper? The latter will encompass the former but not vice versa.

We are at a fork in the road on our planet, where one path leads to disruption for a great quality of life and the other leads to implosion of the very life we currently seem to be smug about.

The discourse by the Intelligentsia and the Powerful that washes the limelight at Seminars & Conferences, Digital & Electronic Media and Social & Political Events must consider the fact that they live on the same planet as the rest of us and this growth or destruction is a binary condition to which they hold the switch. They need to be more compassionate and considerate to the lesser known beings who are Assume the Values, Beliefs spouted as the truth.

In essence, the takeaway from this read is that there is no alternative for each one of us to look in the mirror and equip ourselves with Learning; including Cognitive, Behavioral, Transformative, Social, Experiential. There is no way the old will stick and the new needs to be ushered in not by aliens but rather by each one of us. The very reason Giggr — The Future of Work platform is being built to bring that opportunity for humanism to take that chance to make the difference and be free of the bondage of limitations that has been imposed for centuries as a factor of evolution. That cycle must be broken for a revolution to infuse a new life into a planet headed for destruction.

A Very happy Independence Fortnight for each of my fellow Indian Citizens. True freedom is when your mind is FREE to think and act on what is best for the Soul. This is also the secret of the Indus Valley Civilization that sages and saints, philosophers and pundits have spent eons learning to embrace. Join the process of renewal for a new you!