Is Web 3.0 blockchain?

The narrative around Web 3.0 is centered around Blockchain. Without really fighting it, if we were to consider how to get this right, then we have to get Blockchain right.

First of all there is perhaps no dispute that blockchain has evolved as a settlement technology; especially given the different forms of currencies that could potentially play a role in our commercial exchanges. This is akin to putting the cart before the horse, don’t you think?

A key question to ask ourselves is whether any of us, be it as an individual or an enterprise, buy anything without associating a Value to it? Doesn’t therefore how the transaction of sale is conducted come secondary that perception of Value?

The above Illustration 2 is a demonstration of Giggr — The Future of Work Business Model that serves individuals and Enterprises through Workforce Transformation and Workplace Transformation. If you observe closely, you will notice that Economic Value is derived from Emotional and Functional Value on the left side and Lifetime and Brand Value on the right hand side.

Value is never static but always dynamic. It is also not an absolute that one can dictate. The challenge of digital technology that is driven with Intelligent Web 3.0 is to draw the sources of this dynamic value in an ecosystem to a unified interpretation through an algorithm where Aspiration / Expectation = Perception * Reality.

Financial Modeling has to be able to wrap its arms around Potential which is what Aspirational represents. As a consequence, there is an accountability to create Products and Services and Commercialize them. Innovation then takes on this new meaning of “The Journey of Excellence” where the configuration of a Product / Service is not limited by Competence but rather persuaded by Excellence.

Innovation would and should gravitate our societies and economic models to accomplish the unleashing of potential more than maintaining the status quo.

Transformation & Innovation

It is this premise of Transformation and Innovation that Giggr works with Individuals and Enterprises to establish the Status Quo, The Desired State, The Transformation Compass, Work Mapping and Matching, Orchestrating Operations and Innovation; concurrently.

As the above Illustration 3 defines, the Future of Work is dependent on how Workforce and Workplace are transformed to create a higher value through the Work that will take place in the time and space between now and the future. Where Work delivers an exponentially higher value and delivers the outcomes of Social Justice, Increased Rate of Innovation and Sustainability.

The five elements that go into any operational process in any industry or pathway of life are Data, Talent, Funds, Materials and Infrastructure. The Giggr Digital Web 3.0 platform brings the discipline in individuals and enterprises in optimizing these inputs that serve as inputs to an Intelligent Process in Orchestrating Work and Innovation mutually inclusively with recommendations.

Is there a Blockchain here?

Of course, there is a blockchain here. The minute an individual or an enterprise sign up to be a customer by subscribing on the platform, they adapt to a orchestrated process that sets them up for Transformation to increase their Value measurably and in the process curate and contextualize their connections to collaborate.

The blockchain here is not restricted to the financial transaction of wage settlement and / or buying/ selling. But rather the entire value chain of sustaining the appreciation of depreciation of value and the initiatives to renew growth and value; continuously and not as a discrete event or process. And such Value is derived not just with a one to one but rather a many to many contribution and relationship; not in a marketplace but rather in an ecosystem.

The difference between a marketplace and an ecosystem is that, the former is a transactional platform serving self interests whereas the latter is a relationship platform serving the interests of each other . The platform of Giggr — The Future of Work curates growth and Value from Communities of Interest (COI) to Communities of Practice (COP) in a Risk Assured manner.

Adaptation of Web 3.0

The Flow of Work in every sphere / station of life must be considered whether one looks at it from the narrow perspective of blockchain or the wider perspective of Digital Web 3.0. Because they are connected and Value morphs across each of these stations connected in creating and sustaining value as the above Illustration 4 demonstrates.

Therefore the business model of Giggr — The Future of Work looks at Business Use Cases that can perhaps start on one Station / Sphere of Life but soon find its connection with the others through its scalable platform model. This is the logic of starting in the Sports Industry where the perceived need is high with least resistance to walk with the process of Creation, Connection, Curation, Contextualization and Collaboration. The Proof here is easy to extend and connect with other areas of life.

Your Take Away

  1. All of us work to create a better quality of life for us and our loved ones. The downstream which is Education, Environment and Governance dictates What, Why and How we Work and the Upstream creates Technology, Mobility, Health and Wealth that allows us to enjoy the outcomes.
  2. Workforce Transformation is fundamental because it involves us humans and we are the ones either creating sustainable solutions or wrecking havoc in creating climate change kind of problems.
  3. With Workforce moving from an Instructions driven to a Contribution driven mindset, Workplace Transformation is inevitable.
  4. This will definitely prompt the nature of Work that has eluded us so far, Operations & Innovation mutually sustaining each other through a common Workforce and Workplace is the new paradigm that Web 3.0 can address.
  5. As long as Blockchain is defined as not just a Financial Settlement Technology but rather a Value Settlement Technology, there is no harm in using it as a synonym for Digital Web 3.0.

Please feel free to reach out to me at with your comments, observations and / or perspectives. We have this opportunity to create a better planet.



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