Innovation & Startups

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a journey in excellence that continuously traverses from Innocence to Excellence. Please refer to the Illustration 1 below:

Illustration 1: Where do you find your enterprise on this journey?

What is Startup?

An entity that has clearly established its role to the relevance of an economy. It can either be a Creator and / or a Sustainer. If it is the former, it automatically will encase the latter but not vice-versa. There is however room for both type of startups in the current economy. The question is whether that clarity exists with the Startup Entrepreneurs. Please refer to Illustration 2 below:

Illustration 2: Where do you see your Startup Enterprise with respect to your Structure, Synergies & Systems?

Structures, Synergies & Systems

These three S’ are fundamental to the construct of a Startup. Because the Digital Economy is very different from the previous Commerce Economy.

  1. Structures: Is the shift of the Power of Data from Enterprise to Individuals.
  2. Synergies (Culture): Is a Glocal Culture that works and produces outcomes in a Digital World that transcends the Physical and Virtual Glocally (Global + Local).
  3. Systems: Is a digital System that is Value (Potential) and Role (Aspiration) driven departing from Financial Metrics driven.

Human Ecosystems

Startups that continue to imagine extending the Financial Ecosystem Model are at great risk of being at the end of the tether. The Future of Workforce that is the Gen A (08–18) and Gen Z (18–25) have a very different idea of the world they want to live in as opposed to the Gen Y (25 -40), Gen X (40–60) and Baby Boomer (60+).

Future of Work

Visual Capitalist have Sponsored and Featured the Research by PWC on the subject of Future of Work.

Illustration 3: PWC’s Research Output shows a flawed narrative of the future

Workforce Transformation

This is where the Flow Of Work (FOW) starts in the digital age and not from an enterprise’s strategy. Factors such as Work Flexibility, Resilience & Agility, Technology & Investments, New Ways to Serve Customers, Leaner Inspirations and Community & Societal Engagement that are leveraged into Business Strategy must be considered through the lens of Customer Universe and not just the enterprise. The Customer Universe includes Clients, Team Members (Workforce), Stakeholders, Shareholders, Business Partners, Vendors, Society and Technology (IOT, Devices, Sensors, Scanners and Wearables) which forms an enterprise ecosystem.

Workplace Transformation

Workplace Transformation is not just about location or the Flexibility of the individual. It is more about how Work and Innovation can be orchestrated. The Flexibility, Privacy, Security must all come together with adequate tools, methods and processes to support the independence of time and space to perform work.



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