Innovation & Startups

What is Innovation?

Illustration 1: Where do you find your enterprise on this journey?

What is Startup?

Illustration 2: Where do you see your Startup Enterprise with respect to your Structure, Synergies & Systems?

Structures, Synergies & Systems

Human Ecosystems

Startups must have this clarity on how they are building their enterprise with this scaffold of Structures, Synergies and Systems without which they will find hard to survive, leave alone thrive.

Future of Work

Illustration 3: PWC’s Research Output shows a flawed narrative of the future

Talent is not a job description but the expression of the latent in an individual. The challenge of businesses is to make Work more Interesting and Challenging; offering the scope to Innovate at Work. And Collaborating intelligently with Machines and Ecosystems that move from Enterprise to Industry to Life.



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